4 thoughts on “Fear of Freedom

  1. robertdschenck

    Excelent blog; you write from the heart; very helpful insights which are useful and practical. Thanks and love.

  2. Teressa

    I think that it’s a very astute distinction that you make between the fear that can result when you’re in love and the fear of self exposure. Both are often related, but as you’ve so eloquently stated, love and fear cannot exist together. Love in it’s truest sense is also about acceptance. Once you’ve embraced the essence of your beloved, then fear melts away. To love is to be exposed. To be exposed and to be loved is a joy…

    I so loved reading this excerpt from your book and hope that you’ll share more. I realize that you don’t want to give too much away, but little tidbits are sure to spark interest. You’re a beautiful writer Doug.

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